Alternative electrical systems for cars

Alternative electrical systems for cars

The horse-drawn carriages are usually used to travel and transport passengers of old age. The first steam engine was designed in the 18th century but turned out to be unsuccessful. The people had to wait until the 20s when the coaches were replaced by four-wheelers. Automobiles changed the whole world and thus fed complicated roads and highways. The other major problem was the power system or fuel used to drive the car. Finding alternative electrical systems for cars also became a necessity.

The modern cars are mostly powered by gasoline combustion engines mounted in front of the vehicle. The engine generates the power by using gasoline fuel and the power is transferred to all four wheels. Diesel fuel is the second alternative electrical system for cars. The typical cars are also called as car uses petrol fuel to carry passengers while larger vehicles designed to transport more passengers use diesel fuel systems. Engines became stronger when days went by and as a result, more fuel was consumed in the process. The gasoline internal combustion engines were responsible for air pollution and was considered to be the main cause of the global warming factor. Fuel rates also became insurmountable in modern times.

With the rapid increase in gasoline and diesel differentials, the alternative power systems for cars became necessary. An alternative fuel engine was developed in the United States in 2002 using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). The alternative electrical system proved to be an ideal and cheaper option than gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. The alternative power system used the same infrastructure and with few changes, many cars around the world began using this alternative power system. In addition, LPG and CNG are cheaper alternatives and can be easily filled as you used to fill gasoline and diesel.

Steam engines were more common than gasoline engines earlier. They also had the advantage of being able to produce less harmful emissions. At the same time they were less effective than gasoline engines and consequently neglected after the introduction of gasoline engines. Many studies and experiments are being conducted to improve efficiency, as steam engines may be the best alternative power systems for cars.

Battery-powered electric motors are other alternative electrical systems for cars. The electric motors are efficient and can generate high speeds. Many local vehicles prefer these engines but they are limited to short distances. The batteries that drive the engines have limitations and thus electric cars can not be used for long journeys. Solar batteries may be the option but not reported to be a successful alternative. The fuel cells are promising but are more expensive and insurmountable to ordinary people.

Much research has been done on using fuel derived from plant material. The biodiesel tanks driven on sunflower seed oil are tested and expected to be the best alternative electrical systems for cars.

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