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New benches will keep 'em quiet

by michael August 27 2008
City planningMunicipal news
Benches in Katamonim - the wave of the future

Close your eyes, Jerusalemites, and imagine what civic improvement you'd most like to see in Jerusalem.

A light rail finished before 2050? Affordable housing? More reliable services? New and expanded roads? More parking? More sensible zoning? Increased cleanliness?

No, you're not getting any of that. But if you answered "replacing bus stops, public bulletin boards, public maps, streetlights, bike racks, trash cans, benches and various billboard and sign installations," well, you're in luck. Maybe.

The Municipality has embarked on a vaguely ambitious plan to upgrade those ever so vital aspects of the city infrastructure, at least according to a press release - the only actual progress so far has been the installation of new benches and trees on Ben Yehuda Street, and the Municipality was less than forthcoming when Jerusalemite asked for more details on plans, drawings and timetables. They did mention that the project's aesthetics were similar to an unrelated installation of benches earlier this year in the Katamonim neighborhood, pictured above.

So what do you think - will new trash cans and streetlights (should they actually be installed) distract you from that gaping light rail-shaped hole in the landscape and budget?

Photo courtesy of Bosmat Ibi.

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