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The Buddy Bears in the Holy City

by michael August 19 2007
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In this increasingly turbulent world, where war looms on every horizon and squinting world leaders in poorly-tailored tweed suits openly discuss wiping certain countries off the map, sometimes a man just wakes up and thinks to himself, "I could benefit from the succor offered by a six foot fiberglass bear statue."bears_blog_2.jpg

It is a common feeling, and fortunately it has an outlet: the Buddy Bears. Hailing originally from Berlin, the Buddy Bears are 2-meter fiberglass bears wearing a bemused expression and raising their hands skyward as if to keep the very sphere of the heavens from falling, or at least as if they took exhortations to "raise the roof" seriously. The dozens of bears, each painted to represent a member state of the United Nations by international artists, have embarked on a worldwide tour to, in keeping with the German tradition, spread good will, understanding and peace among men. After stops in Austria, Hong Kong, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Egypt, the Buddy Bears have elected to do their part to solve the world's most intractable conflict by arriving in Jerusalem. They now occupy Safra Square, the center of Jerusalem's municipal government, where they will hopefully remind the denizens of city hall and the city court that beauty, goodness and light still exist in the world. And if not, 150 multicolored bears raising the roof is still a sight to behold. Act quickly, because the roof of international peace and understanding will remain raised only until August 28.

For more information on the story behind the Bears and their future schedule, visit their official website.
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