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Jerusalem Strolls: A Jerusalemite Series

by michael August 16 2007
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Certain cities are built around a certain mode of transportation. Los Angeles is a car city. Amsterdam is a bike city. Hanoi is a scooter city. And Jerusalem? Well, the best way to experience the charms of the Holy City is with those two appendages your deity (or lack thereof) of choice bestowed upon you. That's right, your legs.

Jerusalem has always been a place meant to be navigated on foot. The Hebrew term for "pilgrimage," of which Judaism required three every year to Jerusalem, is aliyah l'regel, which translates roughly to "ascent by foot." Every year during the Sukkot, Shavu'ot and Passover festivals thousands of Jews from as far afield as Egypt and Babylon would hoof it up to the Holy City to atone for their sins by offering a sacrificial dove at the Temple. Modern day pilgrims can achieve similar results by offering a sacrificial 15 shekels for a stale falafel in the Jewish Quarter.

But back to the point. There's no part of Jerusalem that can't be accessed by foot, and a determined walker can get from one end of the city to the other in a few hours' time. And the city is bursting with interesting landmarks, elegant and vibrant neighborhoods, historical sites, architectural marvels and much more to greet the casual stroller. So Jerusalemite is here to present to you Jerusalem Strolls, a multi-part blog series on the very best walking tours of this most walking-friendly of cities. So stretch out your movin' legs and polish off your sightseein' eyes, because you're about to learn how to see the City of Gold the way you were meant to.
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