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Take advantage of a historic opportunity

by michael August 16 2007
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So here you are. You're sitting down. You're at your computer. And you're reading, which means that you are a person who is interested in Jerusalem. Good for you. In Jerusalemite's view, this makes you worthy.

But Jerusalemite has one question: if you're into Jerusalem, and you're not here right now - why not?

It's always a good time to come to Jerusalem (except perhaps in the dead of January when driving rain and consistent gloom turn everything a shade of Soviet gray). And now is an especially good time, because 2007 is the 40th year of a unified Jerusalem. The actual anniversary was in early June, but the municipality has gone all out in celebration, stringing banners and lights across the city's avenues and planning an entire year's worth of commemorative events. Major festivals with Israel's top musical acts seem to bust out in Indepedence and Sacher Parks just about every weekend, and the city was just lit up (in the figurative sense) by the Jerusalem Wine Festival. So really, what are you waiting for - the Messiah?
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