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by harry March 24 2009
Jerusalemite news

Dublin in Jerusalem

We've been promising change for months, and the time has finally arrived to deliver. We are happy to announce that the same team that has brought you Jerusalemite is now managing the culture and tourism channel of It's no secret that our agenda has been to advance Jerusalem's international status as a cultural center that's vibrant and full of surprises - as well as to be the number one resource for all Jerusalem-related content on the web. Thanks to the new site's unbeatable domain name and all-star leadership team, our new alliance with ought to enable us to achieve these goals with a substantially larger audience. Come visit me at I promise I won't bite!

So what exactly does this mean for Jerusalemite? Well, first off, let us reassure you that the rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. (Jeepers, Ha'aretz, could you have at least got the name of our website right?) We'll still be blogging on more edgy and insider-y material here at Jerusalemite (please be patient as we get back into the swing of things following our pre-launch work push), but if you are looking for the very latest in Jerusalem cultural trends, Jerusalem events, Jerusalem restaurants, Jerusalem attractions, Jerusalem hotels  - is your destination. In fact, you might have already noticed, but our old links to the beloved Jerusalemite city guide entries now redirect you to the proper specific pages on That one-eyed strange spokescharater on the redirect pages is your friend.

Though you can probably tell from the name, is a serious citydotcom portal for Jerusalem, a city that certainly deserves a site with this much weight. Originally founded by Startup Jerusalem, a non-for-profit body which was founded by and used to be chaired by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, is already emerging at the primary web-based entry point to the city.

Our aim is to continue to further the beloved, strange animal that is Jerusalem culture among the English-speaking lovers of the city, be they long-time residents, one-night tourists, or even if they've never been here but still feel a connection. And we will continue to shed light on all that is awesome in Jerusalem. already features guides information which covers hundreds of destinations in the city, an events calendar with over 50 events going on every week, and in-depth articles going up every weekday. You should also keep your eyes open for our fancy quarterly print guide Everything Jerusalem.

Same great content on an additional, more powerful domain. Join us over there
, but please keep tabs on us here as well.

Photo of Dublin by Asaf Kliger for Jerusalemite.

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