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Congratulations Jerusalem Mayor-elect Nir Barkat

by harry November 12 2008
Municipal news
Ballot method - old school.

Well, there is hope in the air. It seems that Jerusalem's citizens have finally got it together, taken their city back, and will no longer settle for the status quo. Congratulations Mr. Barkat- with Jerusalem being ranked last in livability among Israel's 15 largest cities in a recent survey conducted by The Marker and Ha'ir, it seems that you have your work cut out for you. Poverty, bad education, a barely working workforce and the all too talked about brain drain of promising youngsters leaving the city for greener groves are just a few of the problems on your plate. There's also the light rail of course. But you bring us hope Mr. Barkat, with your ambitious plans to increase the paltry 8 million NIS budget for cultural activities, renew the city's educational system, rain hellfire on the mismanagement of the light rail, bring millions more tourists to Jerusalem in the coming years, creating jobs, and once again establishing Jerusalem in its rightful place as the center of the world.

Mayoral results

Nir Barkat: 50.77% - 112604 votes

Meir Porush: 42.05% - 93257 votes

Arcadi Gaydamak: 3.51% - 7789 votes

Dan Birron: 3.17% 1087

City Council results

The following results are estimates based on the numbers each party received. To garner a seat on city council a party needed approximately 8000 votes. Surplus votes from other parties and votes from soldiers will alter the landscape. There are several seats still up in the air.  We'll be keeping this page updated throughout the day.

Yahadut HaTorah/Agudat Yisrael/Degel HaTorah: 53,550 = 8 seats

Nir Barkat's Jerusalem Will Succeed: 39,133 = 6 seats

Shas: 29,824 = 4 seats 

National Religious Party: 21,290 = 3 seats

Meretz: 17639 = 3 seats 

Yerushalayim Beitenu (Jerusalem is our Home): 9,451 = 2 seats

Hitorirut Yerushalayim (Wake Up Jerusalem): 15,658  = 2 seats 

Likud: 8,410 = 1 seat

L'ma'an Yerushalayim: 7734 = 1 seat

Pisgat Ze'ev party: 7627 = 1 seat

Statistics and election results appear courtesy of the Ministry of Interior.

Photo of ballots by Ben Jacobson for Jerusalemite.

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