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This week in Jerusalem

by michael November 06 2008
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Avi Sabah
The art of Avi Sabah
Unless the afterlife is absolutely not what it's cracked up to be, it does appear that the cosmic order survived this week's elections in America, contrary to all expectation. So Jerusalemites everywhere have cause to celebrate - at least until their own firmament-shattering elections, coming up in but a few days. But hey, the coming end of Uri Lupolianski's reign of inefficiency is also cause to celebrate. At Jerusalemite, we'll celebrate just about anything, the best way we know how:
  • Pop group Shotei HaNevuah may have broken up, but their frontman forges boldly ahead, while still sounding exactly the same. Catch Avraham Tal at the Yellow Submarine tonight. 
  • Chanteuse Yael Badihi is hosting another musical party/luncheon Friday at her Nataf home, this time all about the poetry and life of the famous Rachel.
  • If you're curious about delving deeper into Jesus' final day than the Via Dolorosa, meet up with Beit Shmuel for a Jesus in Jerusalem tour ranging from the Kidron Valley to Mount Zion. 
  • Want to inculcate your children with hyper-nationalist values using only puppets and poetry? Check out the Train Theater's puppet show version of the poetry of Hayyim Nahman Bialik on Saturday.
  • Beatniks take over Saturday night with a night of "ecstatic avant-jazz poetry" at Yakar. Hey beardie, your lunch appears to be naked.
  • Want to be a pop star? Well, you're in the wrong place. But you can still shoot for fleeting local fame at the Mike's Place open mic night on Monday.
  • Tuesday is votin' day. After you choose Jerusalem's next mayor, quiet your lingering doubts with the sweet sounds of jazz at the Yellow Sub, finally back after a holiday hiatus.
  • On Wednesday, the battle will be over. Relive a far more stirring conflict with Henry V at the Ma'abada.
See you next week, if the city's still standing. Don't forget to vote, and don't forget to check out our full listing of this week's events...
Image courtesy of the Jerusalem Artists House.
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