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This week in Jerusalem

by michael October 30 2008
This week in JerusalemThings to do
The Miser
The play is called The Miser, but it's actually not about Jews

If you believe the political rhetoric on either side of the divide back in America, no matter what happens and who gets elected, this week marks the end of humanity as we know it. So before John McCain or Barack Obama takes the prize and the planet Earth winks out of existence, try to have a little pre-apocalyptic fun in the Holy City, as only Jerusalemite can tell you how:

  • Friday is Halloween, but you'd never know. Celebrate the lack of candy-grubbing children by heading to Uganda to see one of the best-named bands in Israel: Haya Miller and the Compromises
  • Or you can spend the day combing Musrara with everyone's favorite '70s-vintage Brown Power activists, the Israeli Black Panther Party.
  • Theoretically, the world should have ended by Wednesday, but if by some miracle the firmament still stands, do not miss your chance to see beloved Israeli actor/musician Yehoram Gaon perform at the Jerusalem Theatre. 
  • Or, if you don't appreciate the old-school (what's wrong with you?), try young popper Shlomi Mandel on for size at the Yellow Sub.
Enjoy your last week on this mortal coil, y'all! If our roundup isn't enough, don't forget that you can always check out the events for the entire week in our Events section.

Photo courtesy of the Khan Theater.
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