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Pastels and stilts amid the sukkot of Nachlaot

by ben October 17 2008

Sukkot of Nachlaot

In memory of the temporary dwellings inhabited by the ancient Israelites during their sojourn from the bondage of Egypt towards autonomy in the homeland, Jerusalemites join Jews all over the world in celebrating Sukkot by setting up camp in eponymous booths in the great outdoors. Of course, "the great outdoors" can have many meanings when one lives in a sprawling metropolis such as ours.

And when it comes to the tight alleyways of Nachlaot, one of the city's oldest Jewish neighborhoods, eclectic and colorful residents must excel in creativity for finding ways to place their sukkot under the stars - some erecting huts that sit on makeshift stilts above street level, others barely leaving space for passers-by to circumvent the temporary dwellings.

Here, in the guise of a throwback ritual meant to reconnect the individual with the fleeting nature of the collective's surroundings, form and function meet in ways that are uniquely Jerusalemite.


Sukkot of Nachlaot

Sukkot of Nachlaot

Photos of the sukkot of Nachlaot by Adina Polen for Jerusalemite.

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