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Not that far away after all

by ben August 21 2008
City planningNews

Light rail trolley car

For us here at Jerusalemite, the city's light rail project simultaneously represents everything exciting and everything wrong with Jerusalem. The light rail is the promise of a shiny, rebuilt capital, one with quiet, pleasant streets and efficient public transportation. But the light rail is also the specter of never-ending bureaucratic quagmires, community leaders pushed to their limits and horrible, horrible growing-pain gridlock.

Some conspiracy theorists have gone so far as to question the project's existence. After all, what better way to convince the public to endure endless construction? What better way to convince the federal government and the private sector to invest enormous sums in the future of Jerusalem?

Well, we finally have evidence to support the idea that despite the delays, coordination troubles and other nuisances, the light rail is for real. And it's getting closer every day. On Tuesday, on his drive in, Yaakov from The Aliyah Blog saw and photographed a huge flatbed truck hauling a light rail trolley towards Jerusalem. So now we've got the commuters, the bridge and the electric trolley cars - if only they'd finish laying the tracks already.

Photo of a light rail trolley car on its way to Jerusalem courtesy The Aliyah Blog.

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