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À la cuisine, Jérusalem

by michael August 15 2008
Hadassah College chefs-in-training.
Preparing for battle at the Culinary School of Hadassah College

Put on your whites and toques and get ready for a completely unprecedented competitive culinary concept. It goes like this: Two known chefs from respected national restaurants will square off in live competition before a panel of judges, attempting to prepare within 60 minutes the tastiest, most attractive and most original dish using a pre-selected theme ingredient.

Sound familiar? No it doesn't. You must be thinking of something else. This wholly original idea, called "Knife Fight," will go down next week on the campus of Jerusalem's Hadassah College Culinary School. Unfortunately, no TV production crews and no members of the general public will be present, as only the judges' panel, select faculty, the local celebrity chefs and participating students have been invited.

In the preliminary round, on August 18, chefs Asaf Granit (Adom), Gai Ben-Simhon (La Guta), Erez Margi (the mystery Angelica-Fine Grill) and Uri Navon (Lavan), each accompanied by a sous-crew of five Hadassah culinary students, will square off in a brutal, no-holds-barred culinary throwdown over a couple of brutal, no-holds-barred theme ingredients: figs and pasta.

The gourmet grudge continues on August 21, when the two winners of the prelims and their faithful student teams meet in battle once again to finally determine who will be the Iron... er, best one-star chef in Jerusalem. The secret ingredient this time is even wilder: eggplant. It's good this is only a two-round fight, or they might have thrown chickpeas into the mix and really blown someone's mind.

Wake Jerusalemite up when Moshe Basson and Ezra Kedem get into a real knife fight over who has harvesting rights to a remote patch of locally-grown Judean Hills organic za'atar.

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