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Ice storms for the mouth

by ben July 30 2008
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Wall of barad

Barad literally means hail, but in the context of the beverage industry, it refers to those flavored slush drinks that can be seen all around town now that the mid-summer heat is setting in. Not a flurry, not a blizzardbarad (the reverse psychology weather pattern marketing can get to be a little much).

Jerusalem coffee shops might not know as much about iced coffee as Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks does, but some of them make a decent espresso-based barad. Some have even diversified, offering exotic fruit-flavored barads, although the best coffee shops are the ones who will also agree to make a "café kar," basically an au lait on the rocks.

Kiosks around town also get in the barad game, charging less than the highbrow espresso bars, with results of mixed and unpredictable quality.

But like the great North American Slurpee, barad comes in many flavors, as one can see from the ironically named Fresh Juice Bar, which, during the summer months, is set up to be basically a glorified barad depot. Located on Ben Hillel St. near the corner of King George (across the street from Tower Records, which used to be a kabala center and KFC before that), here one can enjoy lemon, grape, cola, mint, strawberry and apple barad, which the menu lists as "slash" in Zohan-ese English.

A small cup contains plenty to freeze your brain, and it only costs 5 NIS. Premium flavors like coffee and passion fruit (which has seeds floating around in the churning blades, so it must contain real fruit, right?) run a bit more at 10 NIS for a small.

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