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Last call at the Jerusalem Wine Festival

by ben July 17 2008
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Tonight is your last chance to enjoy the myriad of top-notch wines being offered to you at the Israel Museum's Israeli Wine Festival. The three-night affair's finale promises to be jam-packed, if Jerusalemite's visit earlier this week is any indication. It is Thursday night, after all.

The Sculpture Garden has been transformed quite nicely into a highbrow bacchanalian, with lovers of fermented grape juice being given the opportunity to enjoy live jazz, plush outdoor couch seating areas, fancy chocolates and cheeses and plenty of other food options. And wine. Lots and lots of delicious wine that many of us could never afford to buy on a regular basis, but when you're talking about 55 NIS per entrance (which buys you a glass that you can rinse and refill as often as you'd like, one gulp's-worth at a time), the party is on.

Our favorites from this year's yield include the Tzova Sangiovese, the Psagot Franc, the Galil Pinot and the Dalton Barbera. Gush Etzion's cherry liqueur is not a wine really, but it was also alcoholic and extremely tasty.

Enjoying the Jerusalem Wine Festival

Enjoying and pouring at the Jerusalem Wine Festival

Ladies at the Jerusalem Wine Festival

Photos by Ben Jacobson for Jerusalemite.

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