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On today's bulldozer attack

by ben July 02 2008

When it comes to our city's cultural landscape, Jerusalemite's primary goal is to act as a nurturing force. However, we are not averse to telling it like it is, and we would be doing a disservice to our readers if we were to ignore the sad events that occurred about two hours ago, when an attacker drove a bulldozer into oncoming traffic on Jaffa Rd. - within one block of where we recently photographed the newest light rail construction area - overturning a local bus, killing at least four and wounding scores of others.

At this time, details on the attack (to what extent it was nationalistically motivated, to what extent it was carried out under the auspices of a terror organization, and how the driver and his mechanized weapon were related to the nearby public works construction site) are still trickling in, but the images from Jaffa Rd. are certainly painful to look at, especially for those of us with literal and figurative open wounds still smarting from the intifada.

We can hope that it will soon be revealed to the public that this attacker was working alone, with incidents like these remaining few and far between.

Jerusalemite's thoughts are with the attack's victims and with the loved ones of the attack's victims.

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