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A shekel for your thoughts?

by harry June 04 2008
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That falafel you ate last night was the bomb. Seriously, it was the best falafel of your life. A little piece of heaven in a pita. Two nights ago, that steak you ordered at that place near Hillel St.? Overcooked, crispy and black. That's okay though, because the bar you stayed at until 3:00 am had the best whiskey selection you've ever seen in Jerusalem. And the exhibit you visited the following day? Biggest waste of time. Ever.

So let's hear it. We want to know from the ground - and think of the many others you'll help too with your feedback: newcomers, tourists and even us locals. Register with Jerusalemite and express your praises, criticisms, kudos, gripes, compliments and complaints. We have over 700 Jerusalem restaurants, bars, museums, clubs, theaters and concert venues just waiting for your comments. By registering, you are able to bookmark anything on the site using our advanced My Jerusalemite tool, you can access our events submission form, and you are given the option to subscribe to our newsletter.

You've got to have an opinion on at least one of these places, right?

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