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Tracking Jaffa Rd.

by ben May 28 2008
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Digging up Jaffa Rd.

Just this week, the bureaucrats behind Jerusalem's highly anticipated light rail system have finally once again tucked their tails between their legs and announced a new target launch date for the first line. That's right: Now the very earliest one can expect to have the ability to ride the rails from Mt. Herzl to French Hill is in September 2010.

As CityPass light rail authority director Ya'acov Cookie Adari recently told The Jerusalem Post, "Jerusalem residents have to pay the price that they are the first to get a light rail system," only confirming what Jerusalemite has been positing all along: The continuing delays and budget augmentations are the fault solely of the lowly commuting plebeians.

Yet on the very same week of this announcement, workers finally began digging up the stretch of Jaffa Rd. that runs from just west of the Machane Yehuda market to just east of the Central Bus Station. A sign above the crew boats that the purpose of this construction is to lay down tracks, a process which made for excitement over on Herzl Blvd. a year ago. So, yes - any decade now....

Photo of Jaffa Rd. near IBA headquarters by Ben Jacobson for Jerusalemite.

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