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Lupolianski thinks that outfit makes you look fat

by harry May 30 2008
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McDonald's on Emek Refaim

A moment on your lips, wasted tax shekels on your hips

In a bizarre move that will, without question, raise the ire of local falafel vendors, fast food junkies and possibly cause an ironic increase in eating disorders, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski has ordered the placement of solar powered scales in front of shopping centers and fast food joints throughout the city to remind people that they are fat. Well, that is not his intention of course, but rather to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. The question is, though: Doesn't reminding people that they are overweight make people feel worse about themselves? Jerusalemite doesn't have a dietitian on staff, but we definitely think so.

According to the Monsters and Critics news site, citing a report in the Hebrew daily Yediot Acharonot tabloid, the municipality hopes "the machines will serve as a reminder to Jerusalemites to eat healthier food and engage in more sports." (The municipality will also be paving over 40 walking paths throughout the city, each with its own outdoor exercise machine.)
Jerusalemite strongly believes that people should be eating healthy, though we firmly support indulging in the occasional crispy deep fried falafel and shwarma dripping with lamb fat.
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