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Jerusalem fireworks displays here, Jerusalem fireworks displays there

by ben May 04 2008
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Fireworks in JerusalemJerusalem is an impressively fireworks-loving town when we consider that many of its residents are likely to wet themselves when they hear things go "pop" in the night. Hardly a mainstream outdoor cultural event goes by without some sort of culminating fireworks display, and the nation's 60th Independence Day (Yom Haatzmaut) makes for an especially worthy excuse to blow stuff up into colorful streaks.

Those of us who remember the heady night back in spring 1998 when Israel celebrated 50 years in existence might recall that the City Center offered a different pyrotechnical display on a different block at intervals of what seemed like every few minutes. Of course, that was at a time when both the local high tech and the local party scenes were booming, enjoying up-and-coming international reputations - not to mention that the Oslo Peace Process was in full swing. A decade later, and this year's celebrations are predicted to be a bit more laid-back and community-oriented. Not that downtown will be lacking in bombastic revelry and spectacle.

Regardless, here's a list of neighborhoods around Jerusalem planning to stage pyrotechnical displays at specific times:

  • Baka's Efrata School on Gad St. offers a fireworks display at 23:00.
  • Beit Hakerem's Neighborhood Center at Herzl Blvd. 137 offers a fireworks display at 22:45.
  • Chomat Shmuel (Har Choma)'s Ilan Ramon School offers a fireworks display at 23:00.
  • East Talpiot's Neighborhood Center offers a fireworks display at 22:30.
  • The French Hill's Neighborhood Center at Hahagana St. 13 offers a fireworks display at 23:10.
  • Gilo's Zeidenberg Park on Haganenet St. offers a fireworks display at 23:00.
  • Givat Mordechai's Payis Center offers a fireworks display at 22:30.
  • Givat Shaul-Kiriat Moshe's Maimon School at Ben Tzion St. 7 offers a fireworks display at 22:30.
  • Kiriat Yovel's Danya Park offers a fireworks display at 23:15.
  • Neve Yaakov's Neighborhood Center at Neve Yaakov Blvd. 38 offers a fireworks display at 23:00.
  • Pisgat Zeev's Payis Center offers a fireworks display at 22:30.
  • Ramot's Tzofim Plaza at Truman St. offers a fireworks display at 22:30.

And the Sheraton Plaza's rooftop is set to shoot its share of fireworks over Independence Park at 23:00 as well.

And don't forget to reference Jerusalemite's complete list of Independence Day events going on all over the City of Gold. Included are underground DJ sets, aeronautical shows, charity kumzitzes, ethnic jazz concerts, interactive founding father reenactments and everything in-between.

Photo of the fireworks display over Passover overlooking the walls of the Old City from the Jerusalemite archives.

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