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The world's biggest non-drive-in

by michael April 22 2008
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Just in time for those dog days of Passover comes "The Wall," a Municipality-sponsored presentation that will turn the southern wall of the Old City outside the Jaffa Gate into a massive projection screen - or, as the Municipality insists on calling it, "the world's biggest drive-in."

This is, of course, not entirely correct. As every American, or at least everyone who's watched Grease, is aware, a drive-in is an outdoor movie screen with a parking area where high schoolers can come and make poor decisions in the dim light of the concession stand. "The Wall," on the other hand, is a multimedia presentation projected onto the walls of the Old City, without a parking area and without the steady background noise of fifty Ford Galaxies' worth of teenagers necking. The differences are apparent; something, alas, has been lost in translation. They're probably not even going to be selling nachos.

But even though you can't drive in to the world's biggest drive-in, it's a neat idea. The presentation - starring Israeli actors Lior Ashkenazi, who exposed aging Nazis in Walk on Water and himself in Late Marriage, and Shuli Rand, who with Ushpizin created the definitive and only Sukkot movie - projects onto the walls a cinematic history of Jerusalem, starting with the binding of Isaac on Mount Moriah and winding down through the ages to our present day. The presentation is divided into eight parts, each drawing inspiration from one of the Old City's gates.

The showings start tonight, the 22nd, and last through Thursday, the 24th. There are four hour-long showings per night, starting at 19:30.

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