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Activities and events for the week of Passover

by michael April 16 2008
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Chol Hamoed: the middle days of Passover, falling between the holiday's first Yom Tov, the night of the Seder, and its last Yom Tov, the night of anticipating the moment when God will let you have a sandwich. Chol Hamoed: Judaism's Spring Break, only with far less bare flesh and public drunkenness.

But don't let that deter you. Like your teetotaling friend, you may not be able to have a beer, but you can still have a good time. Jerusalemite can show you how, with our robust list of Chol Hamoed events, a fraction if the useful listings one can find in our Events section. Read on and find out your many options for having an unleavened good time.

For example, the Passover holiday is a time when families often have a chance to enjoy activities as a unit. Fortunately for parents, a matzah-based diet erodes children's natural resistance to wholesome, non-electronic entertainment, allowing you to catch them in a moment of weakness and haul them off to the theater for Utz Li Gutz Li or Peter and the Wolf. Or make them learn something, like how a working theater produces plays, or the history of the Passover holiday.

Adult theater-goers unfortunately don't get any plays about hedgehogs or princesses, but they can soothe that sting with the theatrical balm of Dolphins or The Ketubah.

Music lovers have nothing to complain about. If you haven't forsaken the City of Gold for the mega-performances down at Nitzanim Beach's Boombamela Festival, you can immerse yourself in a rich and unfortunately fading Jewish tradition with a cantorial concert, throw chum to some "sharks of free improvisation," or risk being squirted with tehina (oh no - Kitniyot!) by Aussie punkers Yidcore, appearing together with Useless ID (pictured).

And if you just want to take a nice stroll and enjoy the spring weather, you might as well augment it with an English-speaking guide and an accompanying crowd on one of Beit Shmuel's walking tours covering religion in the Holy City.

And if all that isn't more than enough to keep you entertained, remember the lesson of the holiday season: We were once slaves in Egypt, so how about a little perspective?

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