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Throw down your macaroons and come

by michael April 15 2008


Cast aside your quinoa and let one of the many Kosher-for-Passover restaurants in the Holy City remind you that even as we remember that we were slaves in Egypt, nothing is forcing us to eat like them. Hearken unto Jerusalemite, children: this Pesach, in this promised land, a land flowing with milk and Malty non-alcoholic sweetened beer substitute, no man need live on matzah alone. The harsh fate meted out by Exile, a week's of inedible and indigestible substitutions for true nourishment, does not apply within Israel's borders.

Haute Cuisine

The bread of our affliction? What affliction? Have a high-quality multi-course kitniyot-free meat dinner at 1868. You won't even miss the leaven. Or if you really want to impress someone, you can try to get a dinner at the ultra-exclusive Spoons in Yemin Moshe lined up.


Jews are a people who love the flavors of the Far East, and here in the Middle East there's no reason to go without. Corusin, in Malcha Mall, continues to serve up Israeli-style Chinese - although without rice or noodles, how Chinese is it really?


Theoretically, vegetarians should be used to living in deprivation and thus not need any special treatment on Pesach, but that didn't stop no-meat mecca the Village Green from making the holiday conversion.


Jerusalemites are so spoiled. Fine French cuisine on Pesach? They've got it at La Guta.


Keep it Mediterranean with kitniyot-free Italian Passover madness at Primavera and Little Italy.


Bread may be out, sure, but God didn't say a single thing about sitting down to a thick slab of red meat. Head to El Gaucho or Joy.


Yes, even sushi. Although considering that sushi technically means only "vinegared rice," it's doubtful you'll be able to get true sushi at the kitniyot-free Rehavia Sushi Bar, but there's still... you know... fish. As of our publication of this blog post, experiments were still underway at the restaurant to determine if it's possible to roll maki with mashed potatoes instead of short-grain rice (shiver). And forget about the bean-distilled soy sauce too. 

That's already a week's worth of matzah-free dining. And that's the tip of the iceberg; dozens more restaurants are keeping their doors open over the holiday. Keep your eyes peeled.

And for the non-observant and the gentiles out there, if you've got a hankering for a sandwich, well, there's always Bolinat.

Is your favorite Jerusalem restaurant going to be kosher for Passover? Is matzah tiramisu in your future? Ceviche served on a bed of crushed matzah perhaps? Does the very thought of raw fish and mashed potatoes turn your stomach? Let us know in the comments! 

Two Jerusalemites enjoy a potentially bread-free lunch at Joy (top, Jerusalemite archive photo); maki rolls await sushi lovers at Rehavia Sushi Bar, but hold the rice (above, Jerusalemite archive photo).

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