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Mifalim Mibifnim: more fun than a barrel of industrial byproduct

by michael April 11 2008
Things to doFor the kids




In what is doubtless an attempt to secure a fresh new supply of workers, the Jerusalem Municipality is teaming up with a number of the factories in Jerusalem's industrial zones to offer your children a breathtaking day of unmitigated thrills touring the gleaming temples to industry that bring them their budget soda and bagged pre-sliced white bread, all day April 14.

In an attempt to lure families in, the Municipality has even branded the initiative with the same somewhat malformed lion that quieted the doubts of city residents by appearing on all the 'Thanks for the Patience' signs back when they turned Jaffa Road into an open pit in 2003.

With all seriousness, though, not only are the tours free, this is a good opportunity for you as a parent to see what exactly goes into one of those 3-shekel bottles of SuperDrink. Oenophilic types can have a hilarious day at the Jerusalem Winery factory learning how that august institution turns grey water and petroleum byproducts into something that meets the technical minimum legal definition of 'wine.'

The tours will be in Hebrew.

For a full list of the 23 participating companies, from Gammatronic to Barman Bakeries, and details on tour times, visit the Mifalim Mibifnim website.

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