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Germany luvvvvs Jerusalem

by michael March 20 2008
Municipal news

407px-Angela_Merkel_24092007.jpgIt's amazing how much sixty-odd years can change. Sixty-odd years ago, Germany was busy filling trenches with Jews. Today, Germany is building bridges with Jews. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who just seems to radiate pluck, arrived in Jerusalem a couple days ago to inaugurate what will become a yearly series of diplomatic meetings between Germany and Israel. Merkel ingratiated herself by giving a resounding kowtow of a speech on the Knesset floor about Germany's resounding Holocaust guilt, and pledging to stand with Israel against those wacky Iranians currently dancing a merry nuclear hora on the big red button. Thanks, Angela!

Of course, Germans are a big part of Jerusalem's landscape, so we hope that on her visit Chancellor Merkel hit up the German Colony, Augusta Victoria, the Church of the Redeemer and the massive chunk taken out of the Old City wall next to Jaffa Gate to pay her respects to her people's venerable history 'round these parts. And a visit to an old-school Ashkenazi Jewish eatery - say, Heimishe Essen - might make Angela feel right at home.

Image credit: Agencia Brasil 

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