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More 'n' more dignitaries from abroad

by michael March 13 2008
Municipal news

Raustadt_Photo_of_McCain-1.JPGGeorge Bush recently graced the streets of Jerusalem, with an accompanying $400,000 cleanup bill, and Condoleezza Rice is here so often that you half expect to see her black-window motorcade every time you leave the house, and now presidential hopeful John McCain is popping in for a quick regional visit, probably to drum up support from American Jews and the large bloc of American Christians for whom Israel is a pressing concern. The New York Sun has the scoop:

Next week, Mr. McCain will present himself in the flesh — not through a video relay — in Israel and other Middle East countries. He is starting off on March 18 at Jerusalem, where he is scheduled to confer with Prime Minister Olmert, Foreign Minister Livni, and Defense Minister Barak. He will also visit London and Paris. The GOP nominee-to-be just denounced the Palestinian Arab attack on students at a yeshiva in the Israeli capital, calling it a "heinous massacre" and supporting Israel's right to self-defense. His campaign issued a statement saying, "This gruesome attack once again makes clear to the world that Israel faces extremists whose cause is not peace but the slaughter of Israelis."

Jerusalemite welcomes any politician not yet important enough in the eyes of the government to warrant expensive scrubdowns of the city and widespread closings of busy city streets.  

Photo courtesy of Dan Raustadt

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