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Sacher in the snow

by ben February 01 2008
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Snow falls in only parts of Israel, but when it snows in the hilly north -- usually between zero and three times per winter -- it's likely to snow in Jerusalem as well. Rare is a multi-day, multi-centimeter snowstorm like the one that blanketed our city in white this week.


Sacher Park's proximity to the city's entrance means that when non-Jerusalemites want to play in the snow, they can park alongside any curb they want, since the meter maids are surely taking the day off. Or, as was the case for two days this week, when the city's entrance is closed altogether, they can park on the highway and walk over to Sacher. And the park's location alongside many of the wider city center's residential neighborhoods means that many young locals join in the fun as well. Frolicking among young ones from all over Israel ensues without fail, even as the white fluffy flakes begin to turn into brown slush.


Photos of Sacher Park in the snow by Greg Tepper.

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