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Snowflakes in the air...

by michael January 30 2008
WeatherMunicipal news

Unless you're a recluse, you may have noticed that a bizarre frosty white precipitate has coated the ground. They tell Jerusalemite it's called "snow." Jerusalemite privately thinks that this whole frozen water from the sky is somewhat of a betrayal of the promise of clement Mediterranean weather - there are palm trees here, for hummus' sake - but even if we're cold, and inundated with hordes of Tel Avivians, their eyes alight with the wonder at our bizarre weather, there is a silver lining on those snow clouds.

Yes, believe it or not, the municipality actually acknowledged this year, for what has to be the first time, that it sometimes snows in Jerusalem, and made some preparations to that effect. Gasp. Jerusalemite knows. Not only has the city loosed 100 plows to keep major roads clear, but emergency services have been mobilized and equipped to deal with the inevitable traffic accidents. And it's a good thing, too - 20 cm of snow are expected before the storm is through on Thursday.

If you're in the city, you may wish to take the municipality's advice to heart and not drive. Go on a walk and experience the rare wonder of a Middle Eastern city blanketed in snow, and try not to scoff too hard at all those Tel Avivians.

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