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It's an extra-special Shabbat in Jerusalem...

by michael January 12 2008
Municipal news

Why extra-special? Because Jerusalemites can breathe a deep sigh of relief that Bush is gone and, barring any peace breakthroughs or massive catastrophes, another US president and the resultant traffic jams, hyper-zealous security and sycophancy won't be happening again for at least another few years. So use this Shabbat to once again enjoy your freedom to walk freely down King David Street without a brisk body cavity search by Washington's finest Secret Service agents.

And if you really want to be a good citizen, buy something at one of the many shops and restaurants who had to suffer several days of little to no business due to the impossibility of getting around in Jerusalem during Bush's diplomatic funtime. And just remember - thanks to this visit, we'll all have peace by the end of the year. Lunch in Beirut this time 2009, anyone?

Shabbat shalom!

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