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Beitar punished!

by michael November 09 2007
Municipal news

And just when you thought the Beitar Jerusalem "Yeah, we think it's pretty cool Yitzhak Rabin got all shot and such" saga had drawn to its humiliating close, the Israeli soccer authority decided to punish Beitar-lovin' Jerusalemites for their undignified behavior by barring fans from the next two Beitar home games.

Israeli league leaders Beitar Jerusalem were ordered on Thursday to play two home matches behind closed doors after some of its fans cheered in support of the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

An Israel Football Association (IFA) disciplinary panel ruled that the behaviour of hundreds of Beitar supporters at a Nov. 4 Premier League fixture had been "unsporting".

The fans's behaviour, before the start of the match against Maccabi Haifa on the 12th anniversary of Rabin's assassination by a right-wing Jew opposed to his peace moves with the Palestinians, caused national outrage.

Wow. That actually surprises Jerusalemite. Keeping Beitarniks away from Beitar is like keeping them away from hummus - you can try, but there will probably be bloodshed.

Really, although there clearly should be some kind of reprimand, this one seems unfair to those Beitar-supporting Jerusalemites who aren't utterly lacking in taste and tact, and yes, there are plenty.  Beitar, even if it could stand a lot of improvement, is still our hometown team. What do you think?

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