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Let the mayoral race begin!

by michael November 08 2007
Municipal news

Politics. They never end. Everyone in Israel is still recovering from the tumult of the spring in which Ehud Olmert's government somehow avoided collapsing, but here in Jerusalem, it's already time to start thinking about - or, more likely, being repeatedly and forcefully told - who to elect for the next mayor of the city.

The hot button issue for next year's race is already shaping up to be the rumored division of the city and the ceding of its eastern, predominantly Arab neighborhoods to the Palestinian Authority. Kadima-affiliated rogue candidate Nir Barkat is swearing that Jerusalem will remain united. Uri Lupolianski, current mayor and probable shoo-in for re-election, is making the same promise. It's always nice to have a race in which the candidates agree on the major issues - it makes it so much more interesting for the voting population.

Meanwhile, what hasn't been mentioned amid all the Eternally United Jerusalem chest beating is any hint of an agenda for addressing a single one of the city's many other issues. That's Jerusalem politics for you: posturing first, parades second, trash pickup erratically. Let's see a social agenda, candidates!

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