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No jeans for the G-Men

by michael October 18 2007
Municipal news
Dalia Itzik, she of the serious name, grim face and stern demeanor (and here you thought Tzipi Livni's surly scowl and bumbling power grab was the final word in the ever-broadening subject of humorless lady Knesset officials), has been putting the powers vested in her as Speaker of the Knesset to sage and judicious use.

It is, as always, a turbulent time in Israel. War may or may not be brewing with Syria. War may or may not be brewing with every other neighboring and not-so-neighboring country, for that matter. The people's faith in their government is flagging. Public officials must take charge and rehabilitate their sullied reputations.

And Dalia is on the case.

Dalia is illuminating the darkness of these times by taking bold steps and making ballsy decisions.

Dalia has banned the wearing of jeans in the main Knesset chamber.

It is, after all, a relief that even if the nation burns, ministers of the Knesset will be spared the one final and undignified sight of an Israeli man whose jeans are too tight.

Dalia's No-Jeans Jamboree, however, ran into a minor hitch when a handicapped victim on crutches who was wearing jeans for medical reasons, whatever those may be, was denied entrance. In Israel as in the rest of the world, subjecting already disabled people to additional hardship tends to raise at least a minor fuss, and the eternally magnanimous Dalia apologized (well, okay, she had a minor official do it) and altered the policy so handicapped people were allowed to wear jeans.

So remember: if you're going to visit the Knesset chambers during your time in Jerusalem, you better be either wearing something classy or be disabled, because otherwise you will know the wrath of Dalia Itzik. And that grim face is not something you want to see in a wrathful way.
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