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The 25th Annual Mayors' Convention

by michael October 17 2007
Municipal news

Some mayors came to Jerusalem!

They did some stuff! The talked about Mayor Things! Then they posed for a group photo!

For, apparently, the 25th time.

Photo ops and vacations aside, Jerusalemite is not entirely convinced of the worth of an annual conference of mayors. Jerusalemite is not sure that the mayors of Green Bay, Wisconsin and Yamoussoukro, Cote D'Ivoire can really add much insight to the orderly running of Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalemite asks you: is the mayor of Bratislava going to build us our light rail?!

Our own mayor, the Right Honourable Uri Lupolianski, had this to say in a press release issued during the Three Day Mayoral Fun Bash: "The future of Jerusalem means more development." Apparently somebody had been floating notions that the future of Jerusalem meant less development, certainly a popular viewpoint, and it was Mayor Lupolianski's duty as representative of the people of Jerusalem to dispel them. It is comforting to know that the forces of the non-developers shall not gain purchase in our fair city.
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