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Is that a bit of a chill in the air?

by michael October 16 2007

It seems like fall might be creeping up on our fair city on seven hills with a little more alacrity than usual.

October is supposed to be the best month for weather in Jerusalem, the brief window of time opened with the retreat of summer's maddening and ceaseless heat and closed by the rains, rolling in from the sea bearing a promise of three or four miserably wet months spent slipping and sliding around on the smooth, rain-slicked flagstone of Ben Yehuda. October is the month for sitting on the mirpeset (balcony) wrapped in the clouds of smoke pouring from a bubbling nargilah and sipping from a hot cup of mint tea, caressed by invigoratingly cool night breezes. October is the month when all the kids finally go to school, meaning the city is a little quieter and emptier during the day, perfect for making the most out of all the parks.

But it seems fall is fixing to spoil a perfectly good time.

Jerusalemite is no professional weatherman, of course, and its predictions are no more reliable than anyone else's, but the nightly temperature has been dipping into the low teens (Celsius-wise), and the forecast claims that later in the week we'll be dipping down below 11, which is 50 degrees Farenheit.

That's American fall weather! Nobody lives in the Middle East because they want 50 degree days in October!

Jerusalemite can only offer this advice: there's not much you can do to slow the inexorable march of the seasons, but you can thumb fall's rainy nose a little by making the most of what warmth we have left. Get out there and soak up the sun before it's too late. Join in a kaduregel game in the park. Have a picnic. People-watch from a sidewalk table on Hillel Street. And when the rains and the cold start in earnest, you can bet that Jerusalemite will have some indoor ideas for having a good time. So stay tuned.
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