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Something for the architecture lovers

by michael October 09 2007
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Whew. Holidays over. September is, like a Woody Allen movie or a Phillip Roth novel, "too Jewish." A Jerusalem visitor could probably hear the city-wide sigh of relief as the sun sets on Simchat Torah, the month's last holiday.

Anyway! The holidays may be over, but the fun most certainly ain't. October is one of the loveliest months to be in Jerusalem - the often oppressive heat of summer has subsided, and the frigid and unrelenting rains of December and January are just far enough away in the future that the pall of their impending arrival doesn't hang over the city. So with this whole month of lovely days spread out before you, Jerusalemite highly recommends that you go out and have a little fun.

Accommodating you, as "always," is the Jerusalem Municipality, which has a full slate of upcoming events: among them an architectural extravaganza called "Inside Housing." From the Municipality's website:

Throughout the event, 100 unique houses and public structures will be open to the public without charge.
Among these buildings will be synagogues, monasteries and special gardens, government and public buildings.

The event will be sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality and many Israeli construction companies as well as several associations.

The program will include special free activities for children.

Jerusalemite is all for it. Our city may not have the reputation of a Paris or a Prague for inspiring architecture, but we've been around longer than those upstart punk settlements, and Jerusalem is full of lovely building if you know where to look (i.e., away from those monstrously modern landscape warts they call "apartments"). So seize this rare opportunity to see the inside of some of Jerusalem's greatest buildings - and try walking there, too.

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