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Restaurants are trotting out the sukkot

by michael October 02 2007
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You have to love Sukkot season.

Of all the holidays in Israel, it's the one that restaurants get the most into, outdoing each other with large and often elaborate outdoor sukkot (the booths that commemorate the Israelite shanties during the Exodus, and in which Jews are commanded to eat during the holiday). Some restaurants stick with the simple traditional models, but some really take advantage of the opportunity to draw customers with a unique sukkah.

A look down King George Street reveals just a small selection of the many restaurant sukkot on display.


Cafe Rimon has converted its entire outside seating area into one large, glittery sukkah - definitely one of the best sukkah decorating jobs in the city.


Korusin's sukkah is located a fair distance away from the actual restaurant, right next to Moshiko Falafel on the midrachov.


And even American chains get into the Sukkot spirit - here's Burger King's.


Enjoy the lovely fall weather and take advantage of your once-a-year chance to eat in a sukkah, before the holiday ends at the end of this week.

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