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Yom Kippur is almost upon us

by michael October 08 2008
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A Jerusalem Yom Kippur
Jerusalemites take to the empty streets on Yom Kippur

In but a few short hours, the most profound calm imaginable in a densely populated city will fall over Jerusalem. The streets will empty of cars and pedestrians. Row after row of stores will be shuttered and dark. Only Jerusalem's many synagogues will display signs of life, packed full with worshipers, many of whom come to the synagogue only on this one day a year.

It's Yom Kippur in Jerusalem. Get to atoning, sinners.

And once God has sealed the book on you with a resounding thud, check out the eerie nighttime stillness, the lack of noise or cars, that has fallen on the city. Take a walk in the middle of the highway. Watch battalions of children shoot down the empty streets on bikes and skateboards. Get your mind off the fasting. Try, as perverse as it may seem, to have a little fun this Yom Kippur.

Gmar chatimah tovah, and an easy fast, from Jerusalemite.

Image courtesy of vera46 from Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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