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The End of Free Jazz on Tuesdays

by michael September 19 2007
Municipal newsMusicThings to do
Free Jazz on Tuesdays at the Yellow Submarine, a steady fixture of the Jerusalem cultural scene and about the best thing going in Israeli jazz in the Holy City, has come to a premature end - or at least an extended break. The organizers of the event put out a bitter-toned press release which blames the failure of the admirable venture on neglect by city institutions and a culture war that the city of Jerusalem is waging against its inhabitants, but reading between the lines seems to indicate that the real reason Jazz on Tuesdays is closing up shop is lack of interest. That's too bad - Jerusalemite loves good jazz, and especially free jazz, and is sad to see it go - but it seems a little excessive to blame the end of the jazz shows on a culture war. These aren't the Swinging '20s or the Beat-dominated '40s and '50s - nobody really feels threatened by jazz these days.
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