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Oh those wacky Tel Avivians

by michael September 05 2007
Municipal newsHolidays
Residents of Israel's cultural capital Tel Aviv like to think of themselves as sophisticated, urbane and cosmopolitan, especially in comparison to the provincial rubes eking out a miserable existence in that backwater known as Jerusalem, but it turns out that while Tel Avivians might be able to rhapsodize at length about New York or Paris, some of them are lacking a bit when it comes to knowledge of their own country's capital.

A survey of the residents of Israel's three major cities (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa) carried out by the Makhon Geocartigrafia found that 14.2% of Tel Aviv residents think that Yom Yerushalayim, a yearly Israeli holiday, commemorates the destruction of Second Temple by Roman forces in the year 70 CE.

Of course, Jerusalemite readers are more savvy than your run of the mill clueless black-clad Tel Aviv cafe vulture. So here's your bipartite trivia question:

a) What does Yom Yerushalayim celebrate?
b) Which Jewish holiday commemorates the destruction of the Temple?

If you answered "The unification of Jerusalem in the wake of the Six Day War" and "Tisha b'Av," then you deserve a creamy plate of hummus in the finest Jerusalem tradition. If you didn't, well, Tel Aviv is a very nice city in the fall, and maybe you should think about going there...
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