The History of Jerusalemite

In the heady days of the Oslo agreements, the high-tech boom and the rise of globalization trends, a team of backpackers and English-speaking Jerusalem youth enjoyed considerable success with The Traveler, Jerusalem's first-ever independent English-language guide journal. Following some over-ambitious entrepreneurial moves, The Traveler's parent company, AdWorks, folded, and factions of its leadership founded Global Domination LTD and its flagship brand, IT Magazine, which soon spun off to become its own company.

Since 2001, IT Magazine LTD has served as a creative media agency, a graphic design and printing boutique and a content provider. While working for The Jerusalem Post newspaper, IT principal Ben Jacobson was reunited with Global Domination contributor Harry Rubenstein, who had been developing his own independent voice with his widely-read blog, The View from Here.

Unaware of each other's plans, Rubenstein and Jacobson were at this time each digesting ideas and plotting to create a comprehensive alternative Jerusalem web presence. In the summer of 2006, Jacobson returned to Jerusalem from a multi-month jaunt to the Far East to learn that Rubenstein had left his post as youth media director at non-profit media presence ISRAEL21c. The two began meetings to discuss a new venture in earnest at this time, and before they knew it, Jerusalemite was born.

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