What makes Jerusalemite a good platform for my message?

Jerusalemite is the most comprehensive and dynamic source for information relating to culture and urban living in Jerusalem. There is simply no other resource, in print or on the web, that covers Jerusalem culture in as much depth, is as up-to-date and with as much flavor, and our peers in the media world are noticing.

Jerusalemite's community of readers are savvy, affluent and interested in enjoying themselves in Jerusalem and elsewhere. Around half of our visitors are located in Israel, the other half located in the US, Canada, UK and other English-speaking countries.

Jerusalemite has been drawing impressive traffic since our launch in the spring of 2008. We attract around 1000 unique users every day of the week, with the average session lasting for 4.5 minutes and 4.45 pages. Our notably low bounce rate of 32% demonstrates the relevance of our content to those who come to us. Our site generates some 12,000 page impressions every day. Jerusalemite's traffic has been growing at a steady rate, and hundreds of users keep regular tabs on us either by subscribing to our three RSS feeds or to our newsletter.

Jerusalemite advertisements come in various shapes and sizesJerusalemite ad placement options

  • Top navigation bar horizontal banner / our only horizontal banner spot, at the very top of every page / 468 x 60 pixels
  • Left navigation bar top tower / an exceedingly large presence above our navigation links / 140 x 350 pixels
  • Left navigation bar lower tower / an exceedingly large presence below our navigation links / 140 x 350 pixels
  • Left navigation bar lower vertical banner / a presence below our navigation links / 140 x 200 pixels
  • Left navigation bar logo box / a modest and extremely affordable presence below our navigation links / 140 x 70 pixels

Customized campaign packages and pricing

Our list prices for the above options range from $40 per week to $450 per week, comfortably payable via PayPal.

However, we prefer to customize package deals to suit our advertisers' needs and wallets. Often, we are happy to match long-term campaigns with niche industry exclusivity and discounts of up to 50%.

Please email us at, and we'll gladly follow up with a creative offer.

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