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Jerusalemite has been earning attention in the media.

  • On 17 April 2008, Israelity blogged about our site, referring to it as "easy to navigate, easy on the eye AND you can sign up for the newsletter or create an account to tailor preferences to personal tastes."
  • On 18 May 2008, The ROI120 blog called Jerusalemite "a source of vital information about Jerusalem’s sights, sounds and tastes."
  • A 13 May 2008 item on pointed out that Jerusalemite may well "place Jerusalem at the center of the cultural and culinary world, in addition to the spiritual and religious."
  • On 12 June 2008, called us "an extremely informative website."
  • On 22 June 2008, the Accidentally Jewish blog called Jerusalemite "Gapersblock and Yelp for Jerusalem."
  • On 2 July 2008, the official blog of Italian PR giant Edelman covered "the birth of the hyper-local web community, in which the interests common to users constitute the community itself, focusing on culture, habits and experiences shared" (translation ours), citing Jerusalemite as a prime example.
  • A 3 July 2008 essay by Brooklyn-based Rabbi Andy Bachman on the strange juxtaposition of the Bridge of Strings' dedication with the bulldozer attack just a few days later referenced our coverage
  • On 12 July 2008, the Hebrew-language Other Jerusalem blog called us a "dear urban guide" that covers "everything that there is to do in the city" (translation ours).
  • A 23 Oct 2008 item on Canada's Israel featured an interview with our co-editor-in-chief.
  • A 10 November 2008 item on the blog companion to Moment magazine, InTheMoment, compared Jerusalemite's coverage of the Jerusalem mayoral elections of the following day to coverage seen in the Washington Post, asserting that our site is superior when it comes to "more local analysis and also a whiff of fringe politics...."
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