Co-publisher and co-editor
Harry Rubenstein

Harry Rubenstein

Much like Israeli Nobel Prize winner S.Y. Agnon, Harry was born in one of the cities of the Exile, but regards himself as one who was born in Jerusalem. Currently the co-proprietor of Action Packed Media, a creative workshop specializing in graphics, design, content and the development of innovative Internet initiatives, Rubenstein cut his teeth in print media at The Jerusalem Post, Israel's most widely-circulated English daily, rising to the position of Editor for the weekend entertainment supplement. He still contributes to the Post as a pop music critic and entertainment reporter. Harry served as Youth Media Consultant for ISRAEL21c, a non-profit Silicon Valley-based corporation specializing in the dissemination of information relating to Israel's contributions to world culture and technology, working with a New York PR firm to place stories on Israeli youth culture in publications including Rolling Stone, BPM, Teen Magazine, Paper, URB, Punk Planet and Comic Book Resources. He also helps organizes non-traditional media tours of Israel's cultural life, including music, clubs, fashion and food, for youth culture journalists from BPR, Vibe, URB, Paper, Seventeen and Stuff Magazine. Early on, Rubenstein worked as a content developer for a myriad of high-tech companies in Israel. In his free time, he publishes The View From Here, a widely-read site notable for being one of the first English-language Israeli blogs, and produces a podcast. Harry remains an unapologetic Zionist and eats Jerusalem Mixed Grill at every opportunity possible.

Co-publisher and co-editor
Ben Jacobson

Ben Jacobson

Ben grew up in an enlightened pluralistical and Zionistirific home and community in suburban eastern Massachusetts. After completing a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications at Boston University in the winter of 1999, Ben relocated to Jerusalem, where he has been working in entertainment journalism, graphic design and as a media creative ever since. Ben has overseen mass media projects for clients as diverse as The Jewish National Fund, The Third Ear, The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv, The Jerusalem Coca-Cola Distributors and Bar Ilan University. A freelance cultural criticism columnist and feature article writer and editor for The Jerusalem Post for over four years now, Ben is also the co-founder of IT Magazine LTD and Action Packed Media, a boutique media communications shop. Having risen out of the ashes of The Traveler newspaper, where Ben once served as an intern, IT and Action Packed launched Jerusalemite in the spring of 2008.

Senior editor
Michael Yaari


Half-man and half-techina, Michael rose to minor prominence after sowing a furrow of havoc and discord deep through the online Jewish community from a chickpea-fortified redoubt high above the grubby aisles of Machane Yehuda. His puckish demeanor and abiding love for Israeli cuisine and bourekas films led Jerusalemite to seek out his services as chief blurb-writer and head blogger, sending him armed with only a notepad and a jaundiced eye to nearly every bar, restaurant and site of interest in Greater Jerusalem, questing after knowledge and free drinks. After months of turning over every stone in the Holy City, and distilling establishments ranging from humble falafel kiosks to pillars of Euro-Mediterranean haute cuisine into website-friendly soundbites, Michael resolved to seek out the true soul of the city, which he hypothesized was to be found somewhere towards the bottom of a plate of the empyreal hummus at west Jerusalem lunch temple Taami. He has not been heard from since.

Events Czar
Sara Henna Dahan


Sara Henna was born and raised in a densely populated, mafia-run, and therefore low-crime suburb of Boston. In order to fit in with the crowd at the local playground – a large concrete slab with metal swings, two netless basketball hoops and sneakers slung over electrical wires – Sara Henna hid her Yiddish middle name, as well the fact that she attended a Jewish private school and came from a home where knowledge and the process of acquiring it were prized above most other things. After completing her BA in English Literature in New York, Sara Henna crossed the Atlantic with a one-way ticket and settled in Jerusalem in 2002. Since then she has worked in various posts, including student, teacher, cataloguer, editor, and "other." While her Jewish identity is far more taken for granted in (most areas of) Jerusalem than it was in her childhood neighborhood, her Yiddish middle name is no more, and possibly even less, accepted, but she holds onto it anyway. It’s a good conversation piece. Sara Henna is grateful for euphoric music, good writing, tasty food, sound sleep and reliable family and friends. She also appreciates seasons and hopes that they won’t disappear.

Contributor with Benefits
Josh Davidovich

josh d

Josh's first language was Yiddish, a fact evidenced by his total lack of knowledge of it today, save for a few choice sayings about onions and soup. Josh passed up trying to relearn Yiddish and instead pursued a journalism degree from the University of Maryland, which he received in 2005. Before convincing his wife to marry him and move halfway across the world, Borat style, Josh was a hard -boiled newspaperman, or so he liked to think, and even once worked at a newspaper in Wyoming, where he wasn't even the only Yid. Josh has also written for the Washington Post Express, the Washington Examiner, Bnai Brith Magazine and U.S. News and World Report, where he did not rise to Bob Woodward status, despite being the first to report on John McCain meeting with Jerry Falwell in 2005. Josh made aliyah in 2007, interviewing every single person on the airplane for what he thought was a job tryout at a news agency. It turned out to be an SEO scam, which he thinks was a fitting introduction to Israel. He now bides his time trying desperately to sell out, an eerie fulfillment of his father's prophesies, in a bid to support his ever-growing family. Josh stays up all hours of the night to watch his beloved Cleveland sports teams lose, and delights in sweet and sour chicken, though he doubts that's what it actually tastes like in Thailand. He is also obsessed with Cochav Nolad but isn't sure he wanted you to know that.

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